Happy New Year everyone!

2015 is gone!

2015 has been a year of strong human experiences. Life lessons unforgettable, for better or for worse. And it was really an important year which marks a substantial personal and professional growth.

I know better the people around me in my life. I understood that the value of a person is also given, in my opinion, by the value of the people that we are around. I did experience new friendships, meaningful meetings that led to the discovery of new perspectives and the birth of this blog.

My first Summit of Architecta, my first WUDRome, direct knowledge of the great italian information architects Federico Badaloni, Maria Cristina Lavazza, Luca Rosati, Andrea Resmini and shareholders of Architecta (the three pillars Vincenzo,Raffaele e Claudia, but surely, Marco, Giuseppe, Mariela, Francesco, Raffaella, Stefano, Stefano, Paola, Michela, Deborah, Eleonora, Maria and many others …) to whom I am grateful for the welcome they have given me during the Summit in Bologna.

And it is with this background of reports that I look forward to the upcoming events in my future!

And 2016?

And 2016 is full of plans, hopes and new opportunities! Just five months after the birth of this blog I have received so much attention that I am grateful. The public and private comments indicate that there is a lot of interest around the topic of audio, listening and User Experience.

I want to thank, in this post beginning of the year, all those who have contributed. But above all each reader who has devoted his time (even today) and shared. Blogging, provide useful information (say trivial) is really tiring and steady growth of readers provides a lot of satisfaction.

The answer to Andrew Hinton on twitter.

Super smart stuff going on at @ toni_fontana’s blog. https://t.co/8ISf5X1UTo

– Andrew Hinton (inkblurt) September 21, 2015

In this 2016 blog will be more mature. Sound information architecture is enriched with sound, music, advice; propose conferences, lectures on audio and sounds and above all relations. I think a bit ‘of projects that will grow over time, in order to make this blog more and more useful for those who visit it and the reference point for lovers of “good listening” and audio.


A first change concerns the editorial calendar. To date I have proposed an in-depth post on Friday and a post lightening, or anticipation of the theme week, on Tuesdays.

As early as next week the new cadence, however, it will be on Mondays and Fridays. So appointment to Monday, January 4!

On Monday I will publish the post depth to give the chance for everyone to read during the week the article; while you are at work, in front of a pc, maybe, you will also have the opportunity to comment on the post.

Friday remains fixed but changes the content of the post: it will be the day of the festival Mixer weekend with news, old and new, reports, news intercepted on the internet, tweet, post, blog and media industry. The themes will always be the ‘Information Architecture Sound, Audio, Sound, Music, Sounds and everything that is part of the wonderful world of sound.

To stay updated subscribe to the RSS feed or if you are not going back on the weekly blog, subscribe to the monthly newsletter, which will start by the end of January.

Good year!

I conclude with my personal and sincere wishes to all of you, your plans, your hopes. To be realized, and a hundred thousand times, all you hopes and waits, deep down, your heart!

I wish you all

a better listening experience so that there is a deep understanding of our surroundings;

a mutual listening for the creation of trust relationships;

ears more alert that lead to stronger connections.

In short, a world of listening!

A beautiful and thunderous 2016


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