Architettura dell'informazione

Italian Information Architects and their music

Gli architetti dell’informazione e la musica

Tomorrow is 15th August and I will not bore you. This week no information architecture! Let us put aside the theory and study! Today we talk, however, only music or better yet, the music they listen to information architects. A post that will keep you company under the big umbrella and that will satisfy some of your curiosity. And in fact in the best journalistic tradition of the summer deal of curiosity and gossip. For you, and only for my readers, I went to browse the profiles of the social architects to listen to the music that they listen and riproporvela.
I hope it will enjoy yourself! From full-blown article gossip, the news could not be verified, it is said that this is really the music that appeals to architects, however, is certainly the music that goes around. Anyway, this post is as superficial, the musical taste of the architects is cultured and refined.
Let’s start with the fact that information architects, generally, people are solar and you know entertain.
But let’s start by listening!
Some people at the end of a chapter study on User Experience listens and offers something energizing.

There are who share music a bit quieter (but not so)



More Architects are romantic

Who love revolution

Who want to understand user’s psicology

Omit who listen De Andrè and Sinatra; who seem very interested, although not to overlook listening Pink Floyd, GOTAN PROJECT and Pat Metheny; and who, in the end, it seems completely disinterested in this art form, so that there is no trace of musical tastes on social.

And me? And I, I love the cinema and the Information Architecture in musical contexts, listening “to the music you see” ie movie soundtracks. There propose one of many that synthesizes arches relationship, architecture and sound.

… qui la versione integrale

Che il meritato riposo vi porti tanta serenità ed energia per affrontare le prossime sfide!

Un fresco saluto!

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