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Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto

Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto are the new infotainment systems you found in latest generation cars. What once was the radio that he was in a DIN, now it has twice the space (system 2-DIN) and is a small hardware that accompanies the drivers of the new world and on which to install an operating system.

The media companies are no longer just hardware 2DIN Kenwood or Pioneer but it is a market that has expanded dramatically with companies mostly unknown but of great quality. And for them the real war is fought on whether or not to allow the installation of a system iOS or Android.

Both Apple and Google, in fact, since 2014 have launched on this market still completely virgin and is expected to be profitable in business terms and in terms of innovation. The first installations of cars arrived at the beginning of 2015, but as we will see improved margins are still significant.

Apple Car Play and Google Android Auto allow to introduce in the potential of our car smartphone and the simplicity of the interface is designed to minimize distractions and make driving safer.

I state that I am not an Apple user but I hope to be objective enough. For this I read everything I could find on the internet about it and went even further. I add that the limits of the two systems are mostly in excessive restrictions of a system (Apple CarPlay) and excessive openings of the other (Google Android Auto).

But first things first:

Apple CarPlay
CarPlay is the platform dedicated to using apple iPhone and entertainment in the car.

We must immediately say that the Apple was the first to bring into production this system infotantment, although on a Ferrari. And for those who own an iPhone 5 or higher it is ideal to use apps entertainment of their iPhone and have guaranteed the safety driving.

Security, in fact, seems to be the main objective that Apple does not want to, at the time, give up. In fact, as soon as you connect your smartphone to the system, most of the app and many of the features of the iPhone are disabled automatically, so you do not distract drivers from the road.

One of the strengths of CarPlay is the voice interface of the iPhone, that Siri, which through the use of a microphone allows the use of the phone.

Siri, for the uninitiated, is the sound of the mobile interface Apple; He has a female voice and speaks conversational with the Apple user so that the imaginary American Siri is a blonde woman, with less than 30 years. Siri answers many questions, run commands such as reading mail, messages, or better yet, find music on ‘Apple Music. In a short time, when the technology of the car will make them fully autonomous, apparently within five years, you can also ask to be taken home. Siri, in practice, is creating a revolutionary user experience in the world of interaction (interface) man machine.

Siri is an integral part of the program CarPlay because, in full accordance with the guidelines Apple, can not look away from the road and hands on the wheel.

The winning app are mainly those related to music: Deezer, Spotify and TuneIn Radio, for example, listen to music and radio. And there to have fun too: they are only 8 applications available on the dashboard and among these is the ability to listen to audio books.

Another great value, like all Apple products, CarPlay not need any configuration, and so it is easy to use for any user.

CarPlay involves the use of a touch screen monitor, multi-touch and a processor that allows a fluid management in the graphics and in feedback.

Given the requirements for safety and structural policies of Apple improved margins seem to be many. But let’s see them together:

Meanwhile, the obsession with security is severely limiting the production of dedicated applications. As we said many features of the iPhone are disabled. While this policy can be shared, some shortcomings on the other hand are quite relevant and at least one hopes these will be reinforced and improved.

Bluetooth: The CarPlay work when the iPhone is connected to the source via cable (sigh!) Through which to exchange data and recharge.
The maps: on the one hand Siri is very pleasant to listen to maps Apple apparently do not provide the opportunity for Google Maps, less pleasant to listen to but more detailed and with even more news on the services available in the area (those of a motorcyclist) .
Connectivity is fine that the Apps of the company are not covered, any notifications could be dangerous, but it also lacks Whatsapp and is not a time for safety reasons but in favor, of course, iMessage.
Weather: There is an app for the weather. For those who travel or sports car may be useful to know the weather of the place where it is heading.
Consumption data: use CarPlay means using connecting your iPhone and of course the data connection of your mobile phone. The consumption is optimized but not entirely null.
System dependent: for who is part of the world apple is not a problem to have the latest generation device from Apple, CarPlay, in fact, works with iPhone5 or higher but so CarPlay really works, the iPhone must be always on hand. If you forget the phone or if we were to find out, CarPlay not working.
Google Android Car
Quite the opposite policy of Google Android Auto instead poses many limitations or special restrictions and allows the abundant use of third parties.

I say it now, in my opinion, the extreme possibility of freedom on this system could endanger the safety of driving. It seems strange that you are somewhere in between.

With the Google Android Auto, in fact, the limits are the use of Google Lollipop, the mobile version of Google not yet so widespread, and the limits derived from the possibilities offered by manufacturers of hardware, both of 2DIN both smartphone.

Also for Android there are still a few app developers but expect that they can have fun.

With Google Android Auto, where the hardware permits, you can make use of CDs, USB flash drives or hard drives; SD or microSD cards can be used to load maps for navigation or for watching video or images: the planks Android double din audio support .mp3, .wav, .ogg, .wma, .flac well as video. avi, .divX, and .jpeg images.

You interface with Google Now and you can make use of WhatsApp, Skype, Google Play Music, Spotify, and podcast readers, and needless to say, you can control the radio FM / AM and where even the hardware allows, listen to satellite radio .

The phone even if connected to the system will remain free, and if you do not connect to the internet you do not have voluntarily consumption data.

More connectors and sensors will own the hardware and the car, the better chance of connection you can have with their cars: dedicated cameras, control of the engine and tires, consumption and all the on-board diagnostics and whatever else might be of interest to us. In short, so on and so forth.

Daniel Favilla, Founder of the Web Project Car Stereo Center 2DIN Blog, and I thank you for your time, tells me not to get confused between Google Android and Auto operation 2DIN with Android:

“Google Android Auto operation very similar to CarPlay but with the advantage that licensees who have the opportunity to develop Apps are many more. The fund also Music Android Anuto control features similar to the management of an iPod and has a preferential connection with Google Play. Even on Android Auto phone you are locked but notifications are active, which has CarPlay for app not included. On one thing, however, you’re right. Use Android Auto depends on the hardware outside, from your smartphone. While being diffused is linked to Lollipop not all compatible devices are able to start properly. Here comes the Ram and the processor of the phone. In all the tests I did, only systems “truly” top of the line were able to start Android Auto “.
In short, we understand, that even here there is room for improvement.

Bluetooth: for all systems is necessary to connect with the cable, at least here it’s a Micro USB cable.
Speed: the system lacks the fluidity of the system, which compared to Apple CarPlay seems stuck, and proceed in spurts and with some delay.
Support voice: the metallic voice of Google Now, the long run, it could be very annoying.
Bookseller: connecting the phone to listen to music on your smartphone, on the dashboard does not appear but the song titles appear only three buttons: a central play / pause / stop and the other two back and forth. Titles appear when you connect to the Internet or to the music app.
I was about to forget Mirror Link
In this war between the two giants could not and can not miss some production houses of brands that work around the automotive world. To fully understand what the Mirror Link I did still refer to Daniel Favilla, who uses his head and, personally, this instrumentation. It allowed me to get some information from her exhaustive and independent article “Mirror link. What is it and how it works “based on his and why I recommend the reading to examine this technology in all its parts. Daniel writes:

“The Mirror link is formed by a connection technology between a smartphone and a system of Infotaintment compatible.” […]
And from what tells us, the lack of an identity derived from the

implementation of Mirror Link from companies concerned (that) varies from case to case and because of the need for customization, a bit ‘as it happens with the operating system of smartphones compatible with it, Android, and for the presence of specific applications impact on the layout by changing their appearance.
Side audio Mirror Link, basic, appears stronger than its competitors: listening and managing web content audio and radio, space or music app to listen to audio books, it seems to be behind many app already approved.

This technology Favilla believes that there is a lack of general knowledge and concludes:

But I believe that as well as CarPlay, Android Auto, Smart Access, AppRadio Mode and App Link, Mirror Link will be in the future one of the main factors of choice of a system of Infotaintment instead of another, of a car instead of another, or of a telephone in place of an equivalent non-compliant because the use of a smartphone by the driver is more and more pervasive and in the future will be even more synergic!
Below the live tests of all three systems, with three different smartphones

Speaking instead of the cars that will support the new system designed by Apple, in addition to the very first Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo, the platform is or will soon be compatible with the following brands: BMW Group, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai Motor Company, Jaguar Land Rover, Kia Motors, Mitsubishi Motors, Nissan Motor Company, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota Motor Corp.

While other houses autobilistiche are trying to integrate all systems, leaving the user the choice of CarPlay Apple, Google Android or Auto MirrorLink.

Just for the record, as it transcends from this blog, I will mention the ongoing struggle between the automakers offering or not the two / three operating systems as standard and systems themselves that Android is especially pervasive in the car. The issues are very relevant and very important as the issue privacy of motorists, the data exchange between the operating system and electromechanical system, ie the collection of data on consumption and habits of motorists. And little things like this that affect owners of a car. (An article about the POST). And do not forget that Google is working to enter the car market with a car that drives itself.

This only to point out that the behavior of the production companies automakers is still very cautious, and it is for this reason that prefer to bring their systems as standard.

Apple and Google Android Auto CarPlay a flop?
Some magazines, as highlight the limited distribution systems and argue that it is only half flop.

Research by JD Power named Drive (Driver Vehicle Interactive Experience) has asked 4,200 owners of cars of the latest generation 90-day, and asked them how they rate their relationship with 33 features including the most modern.

as many as 43% said that they never used the voice assistance systems, 38% had never connected to the internet through wi-fi on board, 35% had never used the automatic parking systems, the 33% had never turned on the head-up display and 32% native apps that manufacturers install on infotainment systems.
It seems to me a bit ‘hasty to draw conclusions on a technology yet to be developed. The limits that present are completely overcome. And the use will also depend on the strength of launch that will be given to this technology.

These systems are not yet fully accepted by car manufacturers in their hand the spread of the product. Without their support it is unlikely that the use takeoffs.

The management by voice is one of the strengths of all these systems. And however it ends, the study and development of these systems will bring improvements not only in the automotive field but also on other devices.

Apple is ahead of everyone with Siri, but the interest in artificial intelligence is no longer exclusive to the few companies Futurist. On the contrary!

One thing is certain! The interest is very strong and the view of all virgin. The market for App car could be a market worth billions that could open up in the next five years. And all of these applications will interface with screen readers. Manufacturers of third parties such as Alpine, Kenwood and Pioneer, despite everything, are offering their versions of planks compatible and no one wants to be caught unprepared.



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